Introduce yourself and Raw Canvas to The LB Galaxy.

I am Amanda Massey the Founder and Skin Master of Raw Canvas Skin Bar. I am also Mom to two amazing children, my daughter Taylor and my son Cache. Raw Canvas was started in July of 2016 when I saw the industry was becoming over complicated and confusing for people who wanted to treat their skin. I wanted to simplify treatments and skin care regimens and focus on finding routines for patients so they could love the skin they are in. I wanted to educate each individual on their unique canvas and provide a focus on being result driven treatments and home care.

When did you discover your love for looking after your skin?

Ever since I was a little girl I was drawn to beauty. I have always loved makeup and dressing up. I used to play with my cats, cut their whiskers and tape their ears down to make them look prettier. True story. My whole life I have loved creating beautiful things. I am a true girly girl. After the birth of my daughter Taylor I wanted to understand the science behind skincare and how I could create and hold on to my youthful canvas. I attended aesthetics schooling 2004 and fell in love with the industry.


Why is sunless tanning so important to your overall canvas?

Sunless tanning is so important because we all want that sun-kissed glow but UV rays are so harmful to our skin and health. UV damage causes ageing, skin degeneration and more severe issues like cancer and no one wants that! It is so important to preserve our youthful healthy canvas and if we can still get that bronzed glow with all natural products why would we even need to expose ourselves to the horrible UV rays. Everyone still wins!


Do you think the new trend of natural and organic beauty is starting to take over? 63% of millennials now shop green beauty products.

Yes 100% absolutely! I think with social media, the internet and how easy it is for people to find and compare information, people are becoming more educated on what goes into every aspect of their lives. Everything I carry at Raw Canvas I use personally and it will be natural and organic. If it isn’t natural and organic than it is clinical, medical driven or there is science to back up why it is in the studio.


We all know that wearing sunscreen is important to protect your canvas BUT why do you think people are taking longer to realise that sunless tanning is equally as important?

I think people still have to wrap their heads around even though they have sunscreen on, the sun’s rays are still hitting their skin and doing some sort of damage. Also there are so many products on the market, people see a pretty bottle and buy it without even looking at what they are putting on their skin. Your canvas is your whole body and should be treated the same as your face. You don’t want chemicals seeping into any part your body. Education is huge. Read the labels.


Changing the health of your clients skin must be so rewarding. What are the three biggest tips you tell them?

Every Canvas I work is a blessing and I am so grateful to wake up every day and do what I love. There is nothing more rewarding to give someone the confidence in the skin there in. It is not always easy though and not all up to me. I will do everything in my power to treat any canvas but for the treatments I do to fully have an effect, home care is just as important. How I position it is I am the trainer for there Canvas just like a trainer at the gym and your at home skin care is the nutrition plan just as the food you put in your body is. It’s the 80/20 rule where 80% is what you put into and on your body and 20% is what you do when you’re you’re working with me. So I can’t take all the credit when it comes to results but I am definitely a big part of it. Three tips I recommend. Sunscreen ALWAYS! Drink a lot of water and try and live a stress free lifestyle and follow a diet low sugar, dairy free diet with high omega fatty acids.


What are the three beauty products you and your skin cannot live without?

LUNA BRONZE obviously, Daily Power Defence from Zo Skin Health, and Wrinkle and Texture repair Retinol from Zo Skin Health


As a mother why is it important to teach your children about looking after their skin?

As a mother it is my job to teach and coach my children in everyday to care for there health. This includes skin Health. The skin is the largest organ of the body and of course will process the excretion of toxin. We "become the canvas of our life stories” for me is so important for my children to understand skin health and the damaged the environment can cause and life choices.

Lastly, what’s your guilty pleasure?

Netflix. Wine. Cheese. Salt and spice.