Back when we first launched Luna Bronze, we stumbled across the beautiful Instagram page @her.must

Back when we first launched Luna Bronze, we stumbled across the beautiful Instagram page @her.must This page resonated with us instantly & we quickly fell in love with the branding, colour palette and the stunning photography from this gorgeous blog. We knew that our brands would be inspired by each other and so we struck up a long distance friendship with Jess the gorgeous and uber talented gal behind Hermust.

The Hermust blog has been undergoing some exciting developments in 2017 as Jess takes it to a new level, adding a e-store to her existing blog page, do yourself a favour and check it out here.

To celebrate the launch of our collaboration with Hermust we sat down with Jess to learn more about her life in Canada.

Home is:

Australia. Haha. I wish! I think for so many years, home was nowhere. I felt most home in an airport. I loved the idea of belonging to no land. Home is anywhere that makes you want to stay...If it's for your family, friends or lover, the important thing is to be happy in that place. Home is my present.

Tell us a bit more about Hermust. How did it start and what does a typical day look like?

I started a blog after my studies in graphic design in London. At first, I wanted to apply for an internship to any big magazine there, and in the requirements, they almost always started by "What is your blog?" SO, after a while I got tired of not being able to showcase my work and creativity through a blog.

I always thought, oh no! It's not worth it now... I'm too late, people will find me ridiculous. But when I finally stopped fearing the idea I just designed my website in a day, got it together and programmed within a week and basically became a blogger overnight. In the meantime I had also become a photographer so all together it seemed to make sense in the end. I am pretty happy about my current situation. After my blog started I was back in Montreal and just decided I'd push my own company forward instead of working for a magazine. This is what I do now. I basically am building a network, soon to be online sales platform. I started slowly, tested my audience, reached out to my target market and now I am putting a vision together to soon start launching my own mini collections. Turtle steps go long way :) haha.

Currently my day is....

Editing, photoshoots or blog work. I have a pretty busy schedule, oh and did I forget  the most important part of my day? Applying my Luna Bronze cream! hehe!

What are your tips for taking the perfect selfie? 

Long arms haha... Like, I basically I found a good use for my monkey arms!

Favourite travel destination and why?

Australia because it feels like me from the other side of the planet. So I can only image once I am there how happy and stimulated I'll feel.

How do you keep your skin in perfect condition through the freezing cold months in Montreal?

I hibernate haha. I cream myself and cut the winter in half by treating myself to a vacation. If not, I would die. I am half Lebanese and half French Canadian, so that hot side of me wouldn't survive without sandy feet at least one week in the winter.

Share with us your beauty secrets:

Scrub. Massages. It activates my entire circulation and it is very good for your skin. Good sleep. Honestly though I am worst than a grandma. I fall asleep at 9pm and wake up at 8am. I laugh for no reason when I get into bed. That's how much I love my sleep. 

What is your favourite scent?

I love the smell of Fall. That time in Canada when leaves turn orange, it smells like my best memories. Like a fresh year of school starting, my birthday coming up & Halloween spirit :)

List your hand bag must haves:

Umm...Brands I would go for if I won the lottery are: Celine, Hermes, Chanel.

What's in store for Hermust/plans for the rest of 2017?

A lot. All I can say is I am working hard! More collaborations, more photoshoots. My very own Hermust swimsuit is coming out soon, and other nice projects!!! :)

Jess Hermust bikini

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