Holiday SZN is the best and busiest time of the year. It's time to get out of hibernation but lets do it with a glow. Who doesn't love all the end of year celebrations, back-to-back holiday festivities that basically book up your diary until Christmas Day? It's exhausting but someone needs to do it - those margs won't drink themselves. 

With all these events coming up it means that you will want to shimmer through every soiree showcasing the perfect bronze that rivals the glow from the star adorning the top of the Christmas tree. 

So you will need a tan that will:

  • Get the job done ASAP. More cocktails, less standing around waiting for your tan to develop. 
  • Give you natural results that WON'T have you looking like a thanksgiving pumpkin pie. 
  • Hydrate and nourish the skin that won't leave you looking like a cracked bread roll in 5 days time when it's time to dominate the d-floor again.

*Cue Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse*

TE will be your trusty plus once this part SZN and won't ghost you when the big night is over. 

Total Eclipse is our express formula and your holiday lifesaver for those times when you forget to apply your faux glow just before an important event (we've all been there scrambling to get bronzed in less than one hot minute). TE will step in and have you party ready in just 1-3 hours. Don't forget, you're never fully ready without a sunless tan in our opinion, obvi. 

Hot Tip: If you're after a deeper bronze, feel free to pass out and get some much needed shut eye and allow your tan to develop for 8 hours. 

Another added bonus of TE is it will dry super quick thanks to our light formula, meaning you can continue to run to the shops to get all your last minute gifts without the tan transferring onto your clothing. TE is the gift that keeps on giving 🎁

Apply TE with our Tanning Mitt for a streak-free, seamless and undetectable bronze that will have people asking for you to gift them a bottle or at least an eGift Card under the tree. 

Hot Tip: Apply Glow once a day after using TE, to get your tan to look 💯 from your Friday drinks to your Sunday brunches. 

So if you're looking for the perfect party SZN accessory *cough a sunless tan* then TE is your sidekick. 

For any extra tips and tricks, you can read our Tan Commandments.

Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse